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We utilise our breadth of industry specific knowledge to deliver our clients with relevant and timely market advice and seek ways to challenge expectations enabling us to fulfill even the toughest of recruitment assignments.

With our sector based expertise, you benefit from an insider's view point, gaining access to the very best candidates in your industry.


Ascensys Recruitment is a specialist recruitment consultancy providing permanent, contract and interim solutions for established and emerging companies across the UK, within a diverse range of industry sectors.

Recruitment Services - we offer a range of recruitment services including:

  • Permanent appointments.
  • Contract, Interim or Short Term assignments.

As each assignment is unique we will discuss it with you in detail prior to commencement to identify the most effective solution.

How We Do It - As a service provider we are wholly focused on adding value to your recruitment process and the most effective way we can add value is by solving the problem of recruitment and also to help reduce the impact of recruiting upon your business, that's what we define as "Our purpose in life".

Our purpose in life – put an other way, as a specialist recruitment consultancy, we see our role as helping our customers in two key areas:

  • To identify the right match as quickly as possible.
  • To remove or significantly reduce the hassle factor and time involvement affecting your organisation when recruiting.

This may seem an obviously simple explanation, however a key aspect of our service, is to turn complex problems in to simple solutions, backed up with delivery.

Our process – we like to offer our customers a consultative service, as time invested at the beginning of the process can save a whole load of time later on.

Key Selection Criteria – this will help paint a picture of the person you are looking for and covers a number of aspects, including experience, personality, past performance, opportunities, etc.

Question – we will also question your criteria to test your profile especially if it is one you are struggling to fulfill. We often find by questioning the prescribed profile we are able to open up "difficult to fill" positions to identify a larger range of potential contacts.

Network – as we are not reliant on traditional advertise and database search techniques, working by referral we are able to utilise our existing network of contacts to quickly identify those individuals who are best suited for the role, to generate a diverse range of applicants giving you choice at time of interview.

Short listing – to short list top performers we will use the key selection criteria and a list of additional questions to conduct pre-interview screening, which is then backed up with references to ensure the person you read on a CV matches up to the person you see at interview.

References – with traditional forms of permanent recruitment, references obtain by the recruiting company after appointment, can prove a costly error if the information received casts doubt over your selection. To help avoid these issues and build confidence in our recommendations, we always seek references prior to us recommending an applicant for interview. This way you can be certain that the person you meet with is the genuine article saving you significant time during the interview process.

Engagement process – after an offer of employment is made our work continues. We will maintain contact with the successful applicant throughout the entire duration of the selection process to ensure that any obstacles such as offer negotiation, counter offers and other opportunities are dealt with efficiently to ensure you selection is delivered.

Quality Assurance Process – Ascensys is totally focused upon delivering results and a client focused service by offering value for money. To ensure you are entirely satisfied we will maintain in contact with you during the probationary period for permanent appointments and throughout the entire engagement for contract / interim assignments.

Contract retention bonus – we understand that for contract and interim appointments, you want to be assured that you get value for money. To help protect a proportion of your investment we engage all of our contract / interim appointments with a "retention bonus" scheme.  The aim of the scheme is to retain a proportion of the consultants "fee" to ensure they perform against the key objectives, which will be agreed by all parties prior to commencement with regular quality assessment meetings through out the assignment.

Only upon successful completion, will the consultant be paid his full fee. We find this ensures the consultant stays for the duration of the assignment and to focus key individuals upon what actually is to be delivered.

Summary - the advantages of integrating Ascensys with your recruitment processes are many, the major benefits include:

  • Alignment with a supplier who will deliver
  • Reduced impact to your business of time and hassle in working on recruitment
  • Consistency of information through out the recruitment process
  • Efficient information flow between Candidate, Recruitment Consultancy and Recruiting Company
  • Increased candidate control and retention
  • Presents professional image to the candidate pool of the Recruiting Company.
  • Candidates are fully briefed and prepared before attending the interview
  • Increased Candidate control and Job Offer to Acceptance ratios.

Invitation - We invite you to test us against your current suppliers on a risk free, "fee only if we deliver basis", to see how we perform and ensure that you are actually getting best value for money.


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